The Foundation has been operating since 1993!

E – Education | S – Community | P – Partnership | A – Revival


ESPA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which aims to support the education, emotional and physical development of children and youth to help them become responsible individuals with high moral standards. The Foundation operational activities are focused on providing help and assistance to young people (especially orphans, young children / youths with no parental support) through range of activities and encouragement to overcome any obstacles and barriers which obstruct their development.

What are we doing??

Humanitarian aid

We operate in the area of in-kind assistance to foster families and organizations that work with people in need.

Prevention of food waste

We cooperate with food producers, stores and distributors in accordance with the Act on Prevention of Food Waste.

Social assistance

Together with our partners we undertake social projects.

Volunteer organization

For our projects we are looking for volunteers, people willing to change the world for the better.

Foster Care

Integrating Foster Families through summer vacations, meetings, and outreach.

Camps for families

For many years we have organized summer trips to Sweden for foster families and friends of the Foundation.

Scholarships for children from foster families

We support education that will help them get a better start in life.


Conferences, lectures, symposia and other events help us reach people with valuable messages.