Meet our team

The ESPA Foundation is made up of people who use their experiences in their daily work by jointly planning and implementing social projects. Helping is our passion.

Foundation Board

Norbert Palimąka
Chairman of the Board

Iwona Palimąka
Member of the Board

Board of the Board

Wiesław Ziemba
Chairman of the Council, Founder

Katarzyna Kamień-Rybka
Member of the Council

Liliana Cydejko
Member of the Council

Kamil Englard
Member of the Council

Klaus Dewald
Member of the Council

Employees, Co-workers & Regular Volunteers

Alina Bhatti – management board assistant
Piotr Dąbrowski – logistics and warehouse
Regina Iskra – volunteer manager
Bogdan Iskra – technical support
Joanna Konopska – marketing

ESPA Foundation Shops

Sylwia Borkowska – charity shop manager
Aleksandra Betlejewska – charity boutique manager
Anna Pulikowska – charity boutique staff member
Urszula Czarnecka – rehabilitation equipment hire in Legnica

Local Branches

Adam Bryła – rehabilitation equipment hire in Łowicz
Marek Wojda – rehabilitation equipment hire in Łowicz