The idea of a Social Store is to meet people’s needs when they are in a difficult life situation, especially a financial situation. The goals of the Social Store are extensive. Not only are food items saved from careless discard before proper time, there is the opportunity for a real change in the lives and habits of customers. The idea is to teach home finance management, social integration, and broadly-understood educational aspects for everyone, for both the customer being mentored and the volunteer.


Social Shop
ul. Daszyńskiego 24 (corner with Czarneckiego Street)
59-220 Legnica, PL

Opening hours
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Monday – Friday

9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Who is the Social Store for?

Below is the list of those who qualify to shop in the Social Store:

  • persons with a certificate / declaration of low income issued by MOPS
  • foster families
  • family orphanages and emergency care
  • seniors
  • proteges of Espa Foundation

What can one buy in the Social Store?

In the store can be bought dairy products, bread, meats, vegetables, fruit, basic hygiene products, and cleaning supplies.

The products sold are assumed to have a lower price than in a traditional store. The reasons for the lower price are often the following: batch ends, short “use before” date, support from producers and distributors.

    We invite our clients to the GROUP on Facebook.

The Social Store in Legnica was opened as part of a consortium in the 3S + chain.

3S + branches: Legnica, Bielawa, Tarnów, Wrocław